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Welcome to The Ajna Center for Wellness & Community where we promote health through mental, physical and spiritual healing.  We look at you as a whole person and aid you in assessing your needs.  This is an integrative approach to healing.  Our healers work together to optimize your health.
 The Ajna Center for Wellness & Community is a network of holistic healers as well as a community support center.  If you are a practitioner interested in joining our network please contact us at the number below.  

Ajna (Ajña) is our third eye chakra, or consciousness awareness center. This chakra is associated with the deep inner level of being we call the Spirit, and with what we consider spirituality and the spiritual perspective, the point of view from that deeper part of our being that western traditions consider the
 subconscious or unconscious. It is the place where our true motivations are found, and is the level of consciousness that directs our actions and, in fact, our lives.

Our healing modalities include: Psychotherapy, EMDR, Therapy, Art Therapy, Fertility Coach and Craniosacral Therapy. Individual Sessions by appointment. 

The Ajna Center for Wellness & Community recognizes the need for wellness in both the
community and the workplace.  Licensed psychotherapists bring wellness workshops to your business or community through our corporate wellness programs. We design individual workshops for your company including packages incorporating our wellness practitioners.
Call for a free consultation. 
We look forward to assisting you on your path to health and wellness.
Tina Triburgo, LCSW at 914-827-0100

We are located at:
75 S. Riverside Ave
Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520

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We are affiliated with the Westchester Holistic Network

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